Jayden - 18 - Rhode Island.

I love aviation, motocross and Chad Reed.

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"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward."
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neverleavemedarling asked: These fuckers think they know everything. What's happening right now is YOUR business. I hope everything ends up okay. & screw them haters. <3

I don’t even have the energy to fight them, if they want to think all of this is my fault when I’ve done nothing then whatever. Thank you though

Anonymous asked: have yet to figure out why everyone ALWAYS takes your side in a break up when usually you're the fucking reason why the break up occurs. you mentally fucked up gabbi and then you ditch kaladya and change your damn mind and then blame her. you don't deserve them

Yeah that’s exactly what happened. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous asked: by 8 months down the drain did you mean S.H? and I'm so sorry about everything that is happening i hope it gets better! and i hope you feel a bit better too!!

Thank you I hope so too..

Anonymous asked: If Kaylada actually loved you, wouldn't she believe you? I mean like who breaks up with their gf/bf over a fricken message? I'm not saying anything bad about you but Kaylada seems to not know the real you. I mean does she really think you'd break up with her over a message

I don’t know

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry but you are a decent guy and would not break up with someone, especially the way you fight for and stick by Kalayda. But shouldn't she know that? Why would she automatically just give up. She should know you better and know you wouldn't do that...

I don’t know

Anonymous asked: how are you?


Anonymous asked: what did you mean by 8 months down the drain


I miss how you wanted me.
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I just want someone to cuddle with

to run their fingertips over my skin

and kiss me

and just care about me


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Anonymous asked: I did hack your account thou. how would she have gotten the message about you two breaking up in the 1st place if i did not.

I don’t know. I don’t know what I believe.