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FAQ & Ask

How did you meet?

We met on tumblr in May 2011.

How old are you? 

We are both 17.

How long have you been dating?

Since September 11th, 2011

How far apart do you live?

536 miles.

Do your parents support your relationship?

My parents support us. Gabriele’s parents are not very happy about the whole situation, and they didn’t even know we were dating until July 2013, about a year and 10 months into our relationship after seeing each other three times.

Why didn’t her parents know?

When she first told them about me (before we started dating) they freaked out and forbade her to date me. They were narrow-minded, ignorant, judgmental and disrespectful towards me and didn’t want to take the time to get to know me. 

How did you see each other in person if her parents don’t know? 

My Mom took me to Pennsylvania. She told her parents that she was sleeping at a friend’s house for the weekend and came back to the hotel with my Mom and I.

Why did she tell her parents & how did they react when she told them?

Keeping the relationship a secret for so long was very hard and stressful, and Gabriele was overwhelmed with it and it just came out. At first they freaked out (again), they took her computer and phone away and tried to cut contact, but gave it all back when they realized that they were going to lose her if they continued. If you want to read the posts and updates for more details from when this was all going on, click here.

As of right now, they aren’t supportive, but they’re slowly accepting it.

How did you tell your parents that you were dating and how did they react?

We were on Skype and Gabbi told them that we were dating. They didn’t care, they’re used to me talking to people online and they already knew who she was since we’d been friends for a while before we started dating. 

Do your parents like Gabbi?

Yes, they love her :) 

How many times have you seen each other?

Three times.

When are you going to see each other again?

September 27 - October 11.

When do you turn 18?

I turn 18 on January 5th, and Gabriele on February 1st (2014)

How do you make a long distance relationship last?

This is a hard question. I think the main thing is to stick by each other when things get hard, and not giving up no matter what happens. Communication is also really important. You have to be  honest with each other, and you have to be able to trust each other completely. Just like any other relationship you have to sacrifice and compromise to make the other person happy and they should do the same for you. Other than that we try to involve each other in our lives as much as possible by skyping all the time and such. She talks to my family and friends on skype and I talk to her friends. We watch a lot movies and tv shows together. We play pokemon together sometimes. Just anything to pass the time and make you feel closer so you’re not constantly focused on the distance. Talking about the future and things you’ll do when you’re together is helpful too.

Do you follow back/can you follow me/can you promote me?

I do not follow back and I will not promote you so please do not ask. I will check out your blog if you ask me to, but I won’t follow unless it’s similar to mine.